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RF Circuits - Selected Projects

The research programs are realized by dint of the following project portfolio, which is regulary updated according to the content requirements as well as opportunities for co-operations and external funding. Industry and grant projects are acquired in such a manner as to serve the strategic goals of the IHP.

Broadband Mixed Signal


Development of chirp generator and pre-processor ICs for a real-time spectrometer for satellite application


Next-generation multi-beam terabit telecom satellites – Photonics in the satellite


Silicon Photonics Enabling Exascale Data Networks

Ultra Low-Power Wireless

Energy Efficient Wakeup System for Wireless Sensor Nodes (Aeternitas)

Investigations of special components for key circuits in wakeup receivers


Kognitive IR‐UWB‐System for Reliable Real Time Applications in Factory Automation

UWB Localization (DistCom/Distag)

Development of an UWB transceiver for high-precision indoor localization applications

UWB Communication (Tandem, Tele-Diagnostik)

Development of an UWB transceiver for data communication in accordance to IEEE 802.15.4a intended for wireless sensor network applications

mm-Wave Wireless


Flexible and miniaturized radar modules for autonomous flying vehicles, robotics and industrial applications


Modular MIMO mm-wave radar for space applications, robotics and industrial applications


High sensitivity, high specificity millimeter-wave breath sensor based on molecular absorption spectroscopy


Integrated Lab-on-Chip Terahertz-Spectroscopy Platform in BiCMOS Technology

Former Projects

Former projects are listed on a separate page, please follow the link:

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