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Microelectronics for Aerospace

IHP's SiGe BiCMOS Technologies for Space Applications


  • IHP offers 0.13/0.25 µm high performance SiGe BiCMOS technologies 
  • They provide integrated HBTs up to 500 GHz, LDMOS and RF MEMS
  • The radiation hard 0.25 µm SGB25RH and the 0.13 µm SG13RH technologies are being evaluated by ESA and DLR
  • IHP offers design kits and IC blocks for partners and customers
  • It operates an 8” (200 mm) pilot line for technological developments and the preparation of ASICs, located in a 1000 m² class 1 cleanroom


Prof. Milos Krstic
Telefon: +49 335 5625 729

Offers of IHP's Partner ARQUIMEA for Commercial Projects


  • Design and development of digital and mixed-signal ASICs in accordance with ESA or NASA requirements
  • Digital back-end services
  • Design of Space-qualified FPGAs
  • Calibration and qualification of electronic parts and digital, analogue and mixed-signal ICs for automotive applications
  • Radiation characterization and test services on analogue, digital and mixed-signal devices

IHP's Space Related Design Research


  • Design of IP blocks for high frequency & high speed operation
  • Design approaches for low noise high frequency signals
  • System level fault tolerant methodology for space applications
  • Proprietary Triple Modular Redundancy methodology for fault protection compatible to the standard design flow
  • Architectural framework for adaptable multiprocessors supporting online reconfiguration to the fault tolerance and reliability requirements
Examples for IHP's Aerospace Designs

Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCO)

  • 10 GHz VCO with varactor switching
  • Local Oscillator at 18-19 GHz with low phase noise (Project SiMS)


  • Low-Noise PLL Synthesizer
  • SiGe Space Synthesizer for 8.3-11.7 GHz (Project SISSI, ESA & DLR)
  • Frequency synthesizer for satellite communication

Digital to Analog & Analog to Digital Converter (DAC & ADC)

  • 4-bit 30 GSps DAC
  • 6-bit 28 GSps Low Power DAC
  • 12-bit High Speed Low Power Self Calibrating DAC for Space Applications
  • 4-bit 16 GSps ADC

Wireless Circuits & Systems

designed for terrestrial applications, but applicable also for Aerospace

  • Wireless Communication circuits (5, 60, 122 GHZ; UWB)
  • Radar circuits (24, 77, 94 GHz)
  • AES / ECC encryption for wireless
  • Wireless Gigabit in-flight entertainment
  • Wireless sensor networks for aircraft monitoring



Middleware Switch

Spacecraft area network

Radiation hard LEON3-FT Processor

Das Gebäude und die Infrastruktur des IHP wurden finanziert vom Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung, von der Bundesregierung und vom Land Brandenburg.