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Conceptual Objective


Basic and applied research in the field of microelectronics and communication technology, in particular to advance innovations regarding high technology. The company pursues exclusively civil and non-profit, especially scientific purposes. The company shall strengthen the concurrence of scientific basic research, technology and application. The company shall cooperate closely with research institutes and commercial enterprises.

Major Goals

  • Research and development in the field of microelectronics and communication technology;
  • Growth towards an European research and innovation centre;
  • Cooperation with research institutes and commercial enterprises at regional, national and international level;
  • Advancement of initiatives for industrial settlements and spin-offs.

Sub Goals

  • Connection of basic and applied research for the development of systems, circuits, technologies and materials for wireless and broadband communication and the preparation of prototypes;
  • Research on modular extensions of industrial CMOS-technologies for System-on-chip-solutions for the application in wireless and broadband communication;
  • Working on solutions for the integration of new materials into microelectronic technologies; research for the application of microelectronic solutions;
  • Securing public access to research results (publications, presentations, conferences);
  • Cooperation with the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus and other regional universities; participation in cooperative projects and networks of excellence with universities, research institutes and commercial enterprises;
  • Advancement of professional qualification and young academics.
The building and the infrastructure of the IHP were funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, funds of the Federal Government and also funds of the Federal State of Brandenburg.