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Technical Basis

The following tools are currently being used:

Facilities for Functional Test on Integrated Circuits

Production Test System

Verigy V93000 SOC

288 digital channels (256 providing up to 800Mb/s datarate, 32 providing up to 1.6Gb/s)
4.1GS arbitrary waveform generator
320MS/1GHz digitizer
1x 8 channel device power supply (max 4A/channel)
2x 4 channel device power supply (max 8A/channel)
Additional software for memory test and scan test analysis
Supports manual package test and automatic wafer test (using the UF200 wafer prober)

Accretech UF200 wafer prober

Fully automatic wafer prober for up to 25 wafers/lot
Supports 6inch and 8inch wafers
Temperature controlled chuck, -40°C up to +125°C

2 Debugging Test Systems

Advantest CertiMAX

256 digital channels (up to 125MHz)
4-channel Agilent power analyser
1 system configured for package test, the other system configured for wafer test

Accretech UF200A wafer prober

Standard chuck (not temperature controlled)

Spectral range 7.5 .. 14µm
Temperature measurement range -40°C .. 1200°C
Image size 640x480

Standard lens 1.0/30 mm

image area (30 x 23)°,

minimum distance 300mm


Microscope objective 1,0x

image (16 x 12) mm²,

distance 50 mm, resolution 25µm

Online: up to 10 points
Offline: temperature of each pixel can be determined, additionally regions with min/max evaluation can be defined

Usage: e.g. detection of hot spots on chips (caused by shorts), thermal check of PCBs, etc

The building and the infrastructure of the IHP were funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, funds of the Federal Government and also funds of the Federal State of Brandenburg.