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RF Characterization: S-Parameter, RF Noise, Load Pull


  • S-Parameter determination for ultra-fast HBT devices with fMAX  > 500GHz
  • On wafer RF noise parameter characterization
  • Load Pull measurements for evaluation of large signal RF performance of power amplifiers, mixers  etc.


  • Two port S parameter measurement:  110-170 GHz (300K - 358K)/1-110 GHz ( 300K - 358K)/
    0.1 - 67 GHz ( 233K - 398K )/0.1 - 50 GHz ( 300K - 358K)
  • Four port S-parameter measurement (or true differential two port):  + 0.1 - 50 GHz
  • Active Load Pull Technique: Harmonic Loadpull, Harmonic Sourcepull, Measurement Modes: CW & Pulsed Mode, I(V)-Characterization up to 1A


      • S Parameter:  Agilent Network Analyzer:  E7350A, E8364A, 8720ES, E8361A,
      • RF Noise: Noise source N4002A  @ 2-26.5GHz ( Temp. 300K - 358K),
      • Load Pull: High Frequency Engineering Active Load Pull Measurement System (HFE), Two Active Loops: 4 - 18 GHz (Fundamental or Harmonic), On-Wafer (or Fixture),  Components limited to PMAX < 5 W, prevented from loop oscillations by loop Filters
          The building and the infrastructure of the IHP were funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, funds of the Federal Government and also funds of the Federal State of Brandenburg.