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Nanotechnology Workshop

IEEE- MTT-25 RF Nanotechnology / IHP workshop

The workshop took place at IHP on October 16th, 2017.




For more than a decade, Graphene first and 2D materials immediately after, are animating the scientific landscape in several and manifold sectors. Today, it looks apparent that the main challenge laying ahead is the underlying technology, which has to deal with the inherent complexity of manufacturing. At the nanooscale in fact, the intrinsic crystal purity of the materials, and especially the control and engineering of the interfaces, be it with metals or with dielectrics, becomes paramount and dominates the device behavior. Hence the scope of this event, which gathers among the most active and brilliant research scientists in the field is to review the crucial limitations and discuss possible solutions (how to model, how to measure and especially how to fabricate). As result, this workshop is expected to draw some relevant conclusion on the present state of the art and propose some strategic visions toward future practical exploitation of these materials in RF electronics.




Noteworthy is the participation of world leading experts who are at the front line of large national and international programs in graphene, 2D materials and their application to a variety of thematic, cross-over between high speed electronics and biological sensing and processing.



MTT-25 endorsement and participation

As one of the main focus of the MTT Technical Committee “RF Nanotechnology” (MTT-25) since 2010, the topic of Graphene and 2D materials, has been at the center of vivid scientific meetings (WS and focusses session at IMS, RWW, EUMW,…), which spanned from fundamental physics to device nano-engineering. As part of its mission and as already planned in its roadmap, the MTT-25 is keen to offer a discussion arena and feed it with the many present members in addition to worldwide expert in the field. This workshop will be an excellent occasion to promote MTT activities in this field and foster participation in MTT flagship events and publications.

The building and the infrastructure of the IHP were funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, funds of the Federal Government and also funds of the Federal State of Brandenburg.