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Off-Line Characterization


Off-Line Characterization group supports research activities at IHP by a broad portfolio of analytical tools and techniques. Our analytical capabilities are employed in the following areas:

  • Visualization of surface and cross-section morphology of IC's
  • Contamination analysis of Si-Wafer (quantification and mapping)
  • Depth profile analysis of dopants (quantification and profile shape)
  • Thickness and stoichiometry measurements of thin films
  • Strain and crystallinity analysis of epitaxial layer
  • Surface analysis of organic contaminants
  • Failure analysis of IC's
  • Circuit modification

Dr. Ioan Costina



Im Technologiepark 25

15236 Frankfurt (Oder)


Phone: +49 335 5625 370


An accurate analytical characterization of the device and integrated circuits designed and manufactured at IHP is a key factor for improving their performances. We develop and adapt analytical characterization concepts suited for BiCMOS and photonic technologies. A comprehensive IC's characterization is achieved by depth profiling, high resolution imaging and elemental mapping. Failure analysis plays besides analytical characterization an important role in our activity. It is accompanied in many cases by circuit modification which helps to eliminate iterative cycles of prototype testing and mask modification.

Main Achievements

Off-Line Characterization group provides a reliable support platform for technology development research activities in IHP by:

  • Delivering high quality analytical characterization of Si-Wafer and ICs
  • Contributing to the improvement and stability of IC's manufacturing processes
  • Solving yield-reducing problems by failure analysis and circuit modification
  • Qualifying new tools and matching recipes


Below, you can find a list of our analytical techniques:

The building and the infrastructure of the IHP were funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, funds of the Federal Government and also funds of the Federal State of Brandenburg.