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Poznań University of Technology

Selected Publications


Growth and evolution of nickel germanide nanostructures on Ge(001)

T. Grzela, G. Capellini, W. Koczorowski, M. A. Schubert, R. Czajka, N. J. Curson, I. Heidmann, Th. Schmidt, J. Falta,         T. Schroeder

Nanotechnology 26, 385701 (2015)


Ba Termination of Ge(001) Studied with STM
W. Koczorowski, T. Grzela, M.W. Radny, S.R. Schofield, G. Capellini, R. Czajka, T. Schroeder, N.J. Curson
Nanotechnology 26, 155701 (2015)


Interface and Nanostructure Evolution of Cobalt Germanides on Ge(001)
T. Grzela, W. Koczorowski, G. Capellini, R. Czajka, M.W. Radny, N. Curson, S.R. Schofield, M.A. Schubert, T. Schroeder
Journal of Applied Physics 115, 074307 (2014)


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