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Advanced MIMO systems for MAXimum reliability and performance


Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) networks offer higher capacity, better reliability and a large number of supported users in modern communication infrastructures. In this context, MIMAX develops an innovative low-power and ultra-compact MIMO transceiver, which is reconfigurable with respect to the application demands and channel properties in state-of-the-art silicon technologies for WiFi communication. To achieve these advantages over conventional MIMO systems, MIMAX develops an innovative signal processing concept, where main parts of the signal processing of a WiFi transceiver are shifted into the analogue RF domain. This allows reducing the hardware overhead for MIMO communication to its minimum. Thereby, ultra-compact and low-power system are enabled that achieve similar performance as conventional MIMO approaches. With the MIMAX transceiver prototype at the end of the project, the system is benchmarked in novel WiFi applications.

IHP`s Contribution

Within the MiMAX work package 4, the key components of the MiMAX transceiver will be developed and designed in the IHP's SiGe BiCMOS technology SGB25VD. The new proposed topology is focussed on the RF combiners, which allow adaptive antenna at the receiver and the transmitter to be combined in the RF domain. This signal combiner consists of precise amplitude and phase control circuits. Process and temperature variations will be compensated by applying internal and external calibration procedures.


This project is funded by EU FP7 ICT-2007 work-program.

Selected Publications

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