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Wireless Optical/Radio TErabit Communications


WORTECS focuses on the goal of ultra-high data rate wireless. High-frequency mm-wave (in the band above 90 GHz) radio communications will be combined with optical wireless communications in the infrared and visible regions of the optical spectrum, using novel heterogeneous networking concepts. A compelling virtual reality application will be used to showcase the capability of the WORTECS network. The project will deliver two Proof-of-Concept demonstrations. An ultra-high density LiFi/Radio network providing multi-Gbps to virtual reality terminals will be developed, and an ultra-high data rate Proof-of-Concept capable of Tbps networking will also be targeted.

IHP`s Contribution

- Specification of Tbps-networks

- Development of 240 GHz radio frontend with beamforming capability

- Hybrid Network Layer 2.5 management controller


The project is funded under the framework program Horizon 2020 of the European Union with Grant Agreement Nº 761329.

Project Partners

  • Orange
  • B-Com
  • pureLiFi Ltd.
  • Oledcomm SAS
  • University of Oxford
  • IHP
  • University de Las Palmas
The building and the infrastructure of the IHP were funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, funds of the Federal Government and also funds of the Federal State of Brandenburg.